Meet the Master is closed since January 30th 2022.

To guarantee a visit in the best possible conditions, we have adapted the space and organization of the exhibition.

We have taken all measures in terms of hygiene to meet all necessary public health recommendations and expectations.

For more information, please contact

Below are some hygiene measures adapted to the current health context:

  • Tour limited to 45 minutes
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory
  • Limited number of visitors to the exhibition (maximum 20 people per floor)
  • Taking Social Distance to Respect (1m50)
  • All other practical hygiene measures (hydroalcoholic gel, possible gloves, etc.) are covered by the organization

We will be strict in applying these instructions and rely on common sense and everyone’s responsibility to respect them.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to welcoming you (in good conditions)!

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